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Why Harness Financial

Mission Statement

To lead our clients to a more impactful outcome.

Why Harness Financial

Clients typically reach out to us when

  • they need guidance and consultation preparing for their business's future,
  • they want to hire an advocate to work with that champions their financial needs,
  • they are unsure that they are on the right path or are worried they will run out of money during retirement,
  • they are seeking professional wealth and investment management that follows a service-first model,
  • they want on-demand reporting and real time access to their financial instruments,
  • they are seeking to maximize the wealth that passes on from the sale of a business or inheritance,
  • they want a financial analysis or audit prepared due to the passing of a loved one or business partner.

If one or more of these issues have ever kept you up at night, please feel free to contact me by using this link.

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